Coaching Approach

Personal success aligned with purpose 

Her coaching philosophy is grounded in the idea that true success is intimately tied to one's sense of purpose, and she employs tailored strategies to help clients discover and align their personal goals with a greater sense of meaning. Through a combination of goal-setting, self-discovery, and purposeful action.

Natashia Brewer

Creative Expression 

With a deep understanding of the therapeutic power of creative expression, Brewer guides individuals on a transformative journey, using art as a tool for emotional and spiritual healing. Her coaching philosophy integrates various artistic modalities, fostering self-discovery, and providing a platform for clients to explore and process their emotions.

My life/My Project

By incorporating project management techniques into her coaching philosophy, she empowers clients to navigate life's challenges with clarity and purpose. Natashia Brewer's coaching style emphasizes organizational skills, prioritization, and the development of actionable plans, providing individuals with valuable tools to enhance their overall life management, achieve personal goals, and foster lasting positive change.

The Personal Success Project Manager

​"Your Dreams, Our Project: Navigating Success Together."

As a seasoned life coach, Natashia Brewer is passionate about unlocking the potential within individuals, guiding them towards personal and spiritual growth. With a strong foundation in biblical principles, she empowers her clients to renew their minds, embrace their uniqueness, and achieve their highest aspirations.

Natashia's journey is a testament to the power of transformation. Her multifaceted career, spanning from authorship to directing, singing, and managing complex IT projects, has provided her with diverse perspectives, shaping her approach to coaching. She blends her artistic creativity with her analytical expertise, ensuring a holistic and comprehensive coaching experience for her clients.


Biblical renewing of the mind 

Focused on guiding individuals through a transformative journey, her coaching philosophy aligns with biblical principles and teachings. Natashia places a significant emphasis on renewing the mind, drawing inspiration from relevant scriptures to assist individuals in reshaping their thoughts, beliefs, and perspectives.

Renew your mind and you will transform your life