The Writing Life's Love Song process was created out of necessity. However, it is now available to the public

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You have the power to change your life/love experience.

The Writing Life's Love Song process utilizes songwriting as a conduit to healing:  assists in dealing with emotions/baggage, stress, and improves the participants outlook on life and love.  People are dealing with so much in this world today; however, they must recognize that they have power to change their life. In order to change their lives, they first must change their mind.

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It is not good for man to be alone. Therefore, we all need a community of support and love. Life's Love Song is big on community.
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The Community

The Process


Welcome to the Writing Life's Love Song Website

Here is where you can learn more about the process and community

Life's Love Song

The Creator

Natashia Brewer created this process when she was in the darkest season of her life. Instead of succumbing ​to the pain, she fought for her heart and mind. Learn More »