For many years, Natashia has been inspired by the world of the creative. After she wrote her first book - Love Song - she had a vision that her book will be turned into a movie. She also believed that her book Biblical Proportions would be a hit TV series. So what did Natashia do? She research what it would take to bring her visions to the screen.

Now anyone who has written for TV or Movies knows that writing a script is completely different from a book. Natashia was led to study how to write a script, create storyboards, setting up shots, scene angles, and so much more. In 2019, Natashia began shop her concept and script for the TV series Biblical Proportions.

In 2020, Natashia completed her first featured film - Violet Bloom. This movie was inspired by the song that she created in 2017 by the same name. Instead of shopping the script, she made the decision to produce the movie on her own through her company Rogers and Brewer Studios. The production of the movie has been placed on hold due to the pandemic. Violet Bloom will be the first movie where Natashia has written, directed, acted, and produced.

The plan is to start production on the film in 2021.