Life's Love Song

At the end of the process, the last step is to create the lyrics to your life's love song. You will utilize all that you have learned to create your first musical hit!


The participants will explore the basics of songwriting: song components, song concept, rhyming, tone/mood, point of view, songwriting techniques, and a deeper dive into the chorus


The participant will complete the following modules of the program: identification, reflection, impact analysis, pruning, confrontation and forgiveness, awareness, acceptance, and outlook

Life's Love Song

The Process

What is Life's Love Song

Life's Love Song is defined as the verbal and/or non-verbal expression of the feelings and experiences as it relates to ones outlook on love.  Like a song you hear on the radio, your life's love song is made up of your past, present, and future love experiences.  It can also be looked at as an acronym – A light ordered vibrant existence steeped in optimistic nurturing growth which means that we were all put here to experience the best that this life has to offer.  In order to do this, we have to go through things that are meant to teach us lessons and help us grow so that our lights can shine bright and so we can help others.   

How does it work?

This is a self-guided online program that contains: videos, reading materials, a workbook, and other reference material to assist the participant on their journey to write their life's love song.  In addition to the online content, the participant will have the opportunity to work with a member of the Life's Love Song team on a 1 on 1 basis.