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Inspired by various music producing legends from R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, and Rock.  Tashia has an ear for good music and has always listened intently to every component of a song, even as a child.  She listens to EVERYTHING: the effects used, arrangement, lyrics, sound levels, etc.  Tashia loves to learn new things and continues to cultivated her production skills.  Check out her music production work here.

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Tashia has always known that she wanted to write a book, but it wasn't until she was in the worst position in her life that she started.  It was the pain of losing a relationship the sparked the flame for writing page turning fictional novels and drama filled TV scripts that are message based and inspiring.  As a child and adult, Tashia didn't know that she had so much to say and share with the world (now there is no stopping her).  Click here for her books and other written works

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Tashia grew up in Northwest Washington, DC.  She did not have the best of the best, nor did her life come without struggle; however, one thing she had was a foundation of love.  As she grew up, love got crossed/skewed and she began to use writing poems as an escape from the ever changing world around her.   Dealing with abuse and drama, writing was the only way to maintain her sanity.  As she got older, those poems became song lyrics.  One thing about Tashia she is not afraid to show emotion and write about tough topics in her songs (from suicide to abuse).  Her songs are thought and will provoke feeling.  Check out her songwriting work here.

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"The Infinite Love Project" EP was released by Resonation Entertainment Group.  Tashia had the pleasure writing all five songs on the EP.  

The EP is available on iTunes and other online music outlets.  Are y'all diggin' it?

EP Reviews

The Infinite Love Project is Great!      
by MadisonLove123

I love this album. Every song has a special meaning and the music is so mellow. "No Me" is my all time favorite but all songs are great.

by Kalosassy

Nice! Heard from a worldwide publisher and had to get. Each different song is wonderful. Good job i follow yall

In order to heal from the pain of being separated from her husband, Tashia developed a process titled "Finding Your Life's Love Song".  The process helps you to identify, face, and deal with all the past hurt and pain that is holding you back in life and love.  Once she completed the process herself, she knew that it would bless other's lives - so she created a program and has tons of things to speak about.  Here are a few of her topics:

  • ​Who Am I?
  • Finding Your Life's Love Song
  • ​Choices and Consequences:  The Things We Do For Love
  • ​Renew Your Mind and Change Your Life
  • Life After Violence

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