The Leader/Visionary

The Creative

Have the AUDACITY to let your voice be heard!

Have the AUDACITY to dream!

She is an author, designer, songwriter, screenplay writer, producer, and director. From as far back as she can remember, she has written songs and designed gowns. She released her first compilation EP in 2014 – The Infinite Love Project, EP. She has published several novels: Love Song, Biblical Proportions, The Daily Devotional to Renew Your Mind. She has co-authored two books: Pink Monsters (with her daughter) and The Unstoppable Warrior Woman (authored by Bershan Shaw). Natashia’s accomplishments are numerous and it is only the beginning for her.

The Television Personality

The Coach and Speaker

She is the owner and founder of Natashia Brewer Consulting, Rogers and Brewer Studios and Everlasting TV. She is also the visionary for the Renew Your Mind movement and annual retreat. Each organization that she has created all have the same focus and purpose. That focus and purpose is to inspire and motivate the viewers and clients that they should always strive to do better and be better individually and collectively. We are a community and we need one another to go to the next level.

Have the AUDACITY to bring your thoughts to fruition!

Have the AUDACITY to learn and get the help you need!

Natashia is the host of Renew Your Mind with Natashia Brewer, exclusively on Everlasting TV. The purpose of the show is to share with her viewing audience how relatable the Bible is to their everyday life. She uses the information and backstories to connect them to experiences that she has gone through and many others. She also has a segment where she interviews others to share their perspective on what it means to renew your mind.

Natashia is a powerful speaker who uses her testimony to inspire and motivate. She offers several programs to provide her clients with the tools they need to grow and reach the person they were created to be. Therefore, she started the Audacity movement. The Audacity movement/The Audacious Woman membership allows her clients to express how audacious they are to be whoever they are.