My Love

(A song to celebrate the life of my cousin Love)

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Once I cared
Once I cared a lot
Hoping, wishing, and praying
For the abuse to stop
The abuse you say
Oh you never abused me
Well what about the lies,
The cheating and all the misery
Baby I can’t stay
Not one more day
I tried, baby I tried

Tired of the pain (pain)
Driving myself insane
No longer can I stay
There no more words left for me to say
I gotta be free
Free to be, Free to be me

Free, free, free

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The Infinite Love Project EP

(Credits:  Vocals - Kareen, Smoothperry, Tilly, David Luther King, Curtis, and Annabelle; Music - HRB Productions and Tellingbeatzz; Lyrics - Tashia)

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The Song Titled 'Love Song'

(Credits:  Vocals - Kareen; Music - HRB Productions; Lyrics - Tashia)